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1.  a.  basic field rules are simple, treat everyone with respect, and do to others what you would like to have done to you in that situation.  if in doubt ask a OC / reff for guidence.


b anyone having a medical issue, cracked teeth, cuts, gashes, etc (over something just requiring a band aid) , and removes him/her self from the field without getting the attention of the field owner or senior OC on the spot will be banned from the facility for a MINIMUM of 1/2 year. this will be reviewed by the field owner prior to the ban being enforced. 

c.  anyone sneaking a HOT gun on the field and bypassing the morning crono will be banned from the facility.


a. Medic bag location
b. Stretcher location
c. Medivac landing pad
d. Ground or helicopter evacs
e. Scott and white directions
f. anyone needing medical attn, MUST alert the field owner prior to leaving the property.
g. whistles being blown in short 1 second bursts halts games for safety
h. "blind man rule" when using the blind man rule every one will go to admin status and clear weapons and stay in place until OCs secure the area.

3. Play
a. Ranges, all guns must be choreographed with .20 BBs
CQC weapons on CQC field (under 300 FPS) 10 ft. (with full face cover)
AEGs, gas pistols, M-203s 351-400fps 20ft
Sniper rifles, support, DMRs 401-450fps 40 ft, MUST BE DMR TYPE WEAPON, SEMI AUTO ONLY!!!!
Sniper support weapons 451-500 100ft min. only on a case by case basses.

b. Dead rag / out of play player procedures (hand up weapon down, yell "HIT" and wave at shooting player) AND THEN red / orange flag visible. The player will exit the field to the respawn or dead point by the most direct rout.
Do not talk to, gesture to, or give hints to live players (death is contagious).
If you are on the field fighting with the rag visible you MAY be given 1 warning. After that you are presumed dead by the OC after that.

c. No blind firing must be able to see your target when firing. 

C.1 surrenders will be offered at ranges less than 20 feet. If there is an issue than please contact an OC. you can only safety 1 person per safety engagement (safety a player take cover, then safety another, etc....). if a player refuses a safety then A (one) shot to the chest or back center mass or thigh is allowed. 

C.2 do not to target the head and lower abdominal area of the opposing players. But if the opposing player only presents that area it is allowed. 

d. Touching other players, never. Grabbing, punching, slapping, etc NEVER.
d.1 heated out of control arguments will be treated as a fight. If you have a problem with another player find the OC. Do NOT try to “work it out” with another player. 

e. Field boundaries. (What fields are in play) must not leave field boundaries for any reason. leaving the field will result in being banned from play.

f. Radio operations and reserved freq. You will never use frequency no.1 or any sub frequency 1-1 etc. OCs only

g. OCs phone number 254-535-5490 will be imputed into all commanders phones prior to game.

g.1 radios will not use any combo of ch12. all ch12 and sub channels are reserved for the OCs. for admin, white cell, and game play.

h. Fire drill all personnel will exit the field and go area to the assembly point.

I. Medic drill. Medics and medical areas will be identified prior to battle.

J. Pre approved authorized vehicles only at player’s own risk. 5MPH max speed!!!
Players exiting or entering vehicles may not me shot at unless seated if entering or both feet are on the ground if exiting.

k. Wildlife, leave it alone. Do not engage, pet, touch, etc..

L. Trees, do not destroy, cut, or climb.

m. Do not climb on structures over 4 feet tall.

n. night games, no running, no green lasers, white flash light, and red chem / or snap light required 

o. games start and end with whistles. 

p. helo rules.. NEVER SHOOT AT A LOW FLYING AIRCRAFT!!!! never shoot from a aircraft at anything less than a 30 deg. arc. when a helo lands leep clear and follow all staff or OC orders.

a. Eye wear must be safety rated or equivalent. Must be full sealing, must not be home made, Must pass a 10 ft x 500FPS on static test poll test. Failing to keep eye wear on will result in ejection from the field, repeated violations will lead to ban from the field for 90 days or more. SIMPLE RULE, if the OC has his eye protection on all players has theres on. must meet or exceed ASTM guidelines.

a. NO political patches (KKK, black panther, etc) No anti government militia or Extremist groups please.
b. Footwear, must be appropriate for battle (no flip flops, or shower shoes)
c. No magazines in during admin time or area.
d. no climbing on any structor over 4 ft tall.
e. Prohibited items, anything not having to do with airsoft play and may harm other players (swords, javelins, etc…)
f. Firearms none allowed on the field at any time by any player carry permit or not.
g. Unauthorized grenades (only tornado or equivalent allowed), no steel grenades. Must be cleared by OC.
h. Knives / bayonets none allowed in open view or used during a game, please keep in the car.
i. Pyro / open fires / smoking none allowed on the field. NO PYRO, any open flame, or smoke used by players or anyone not specially designated by the field owner.
j. Drugs. None allowed on the field at any time.
k. Alcohol during game. Only during approved events, and after the game is over and all AS guns are secured.
l. Any item deemed not to be in play by an OC or field owner.
m. Non standard AS guns, launchers must first be test fired and approved by the field owner.

6. Code of conduct.
Removal of player from field.
a. banned players, bans are for serious problems from players on or off the field. banns will only be given by the field owner, banns are either a. day, month, or lifetime banns. YOU EARN banns, they are not handed out without a serious offence.
b. Threats, violence, destroying property, climbing on items over 4ft tall, point blank firing, unsafe driving, not following OCs, field crews, or owner’s directions.

c. Any player that causes an illegal act will be removed from the field and referred to proper Law enforcement authorities.

d. Keep the foul language down, try to keep it PG13
e. No sexual harassment, 
f. No berating




over 18 games use the same rules but you must be over 18.  the MED is adjusted to 0 med for up to 400 FPS rifles and pistols, 400 fps is a hard limit!!!

all other rules are the same.  any arguments or altercations will result in a ejection from the field.


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