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FUN FACT:  paint balls cost between 40-60 per 1000 most places, just for the paint (NOT COUNTING FIELD FEE AND RENTAL).  a full day at Temple Airsoft will run you around 55.00 for EVERYTHING (RENTAL, ADMISSION, 2500 bbS, AND LUNCH) PER PLAYER....... MUCH LESS IF IN A GROUP!!!


FUN FACT:  The cost of getting into airsoft is so much cheaper than most sports than you can think of.  for example a great starter gun runs from 195.00-250.00.  this is a gun that will last for years if properly taken care of, and can be fixed by most people if breaks.  uniforms and other gear can cost as little as 50.00 for used servicable gear... so for around 250.00 you are ready to play for years of fun.


FUN FACT:  when wearing the proper gear and following the basic rules airsoft is far better when you talk about safety than most other sports.  the .20 gramsBB is far smaller and has far less mass then something like a Paint ball that comes in at about 25.5 grams. this means less pain, less and far fewer marks, but the airsoft BB has about 50-75% more range.

FUN FACT: airsoft helps build teamwork, critical thinking, leadership,

mechanical skills, respect, sportsmanship, respect of firearms, and

firearms safety.

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